Oraichain, the world’s first AI-powered oracle platform, listed ORAI tokens and run the Liquidity Mining Program on Wault Finance - an all-in-one DeFi platform on the Binance Smart Chain.

Oraichain is proud to announce that we have built a strategic partnership with Wault Finance, a decentralized finance hub that connects all of the primary DeFi use-cases within one simple ecosystem, on the Binance Smart Chain. With this partnership, we start to support each other to grow to a new level by listing ORAI and running Liquidity Mining Program on Wault Finance platform.

ORAI listing and LMP on Wault Finance

An ORAI/BNB pool has already been created, which…

Oraichain depends on the creativity and contributions of the SamOrai community. You spoke out and we listened. As we embark on the next chapter of our celestial journey, and in celebration of our new website, we will be opening a public contest for the creation of a new Oraichain logo. All existing and new supporters can submit their imaginative designs and help shape the vision for Oraichain. All submissions that meet minimum requirements are eligible for rewards, with a grand prize for the winning design! …

Welcome to Oraichain Studio. Over the next few weeks, we will share a series of demos to help developers navigate and introduce multiple functions of this very interesting and useful tool. The smart contracts developed here can be deployed on the Oraichain Mainnet and any other Cosmos based blockchain in order to integrate AI functionality. Below is our first demo livestreams to show how to write, deploy and simulate an AI smart contract with Studio.

Before we go into more details on Oraichain Studio, let’s introduce a bit about Oraichain and why it is necessary to develop the next…

The Oraichain team is extremely delighted that 155 SamOrais (as of 31st March) submitted their applications to our SamOrai Ambassador Program, with Content Creators being the most sought-after category (107 applications). We have noticed a great mix of early and newly joined SamOrais, with various interests, backgrounds, talents and expertise!

1. The selection process for SamOrai Ambassadors

As Oraichain strongly values inclusivity, we welcome and challenge everybody to become a SamOrai Ambassador, irrespective of their background or nationality.

We prioritized the role fit during the screening process, in reference to the given resume, answers or shared examples.

We have contacted…

The Oraichain Studio is a hub for developers to integrate unlimited AI functionalities into smart contracts for Oraichain and many other Cosmos SDK based blockchains. Oraichain has completed the architecture and development of the Studio, allowing developers to write, test, simulate and deploy AI smart contracts on the Oraichain Lunar Testnet and Oraichain Mainnet.

Developing Smart Contracts is not Easy

Traditionally, DApp creation can be a very difficult process. Developers lack the tools they need to help build, deploy and simulate the functionalities and logic of their smart contracts online. Currently, developers must spend time building the environment on their own computers with whatever tools they…

Q1 recap — Setting the foundation for the Oraichain AI ecosystem

Q1 2021 was a quarter full of accomplished milestones for Oraichain. We are really thankful to our 30+ people strong team that made the launch of the Oraichain Mainnet possible (covered by Marketwatch, Markets Insider, Bloomberg and Yahoo finance).

The mainnet is the cornerstone of the company and helps set the foundation for the growth of the Oraichain AI ecosystem. Along with the Mainnet, we launched our first AI-generated music album, deployed 100+ APIs that are the backbone of the future AI Marketplace and introduced the ORAI native tokens and Mainnet Staking.

But that was not all for Q1…

On 31/03/2021, Oraichain and VAIOT held a joint AMA in both Oraichain and VAIOT groups. We are glad that the AMA took place successfully as both communities had a great chance to get better understanding of each other and we are pleased to recap the main content of the AMA.


1. VAIOT team attendees:

  • Mr. Pawel — COO of VAIOT
  • Michal — Blockchain Expert
  • Daniel — Head of Marketing
  • Anthony — Marketing Manager


1.Oraichain: First and foremost, we want to get to know VAIOT. Can you give us an elevator pitch of your project?

Mr. Pawel: First of all, VAIOT is delivering a portfolio…

On 10/03/2021, the Oraichain team held an AMA on the Crypto Players India community with the attendance of our CEO, CTO, CPO and AI Lead. We are glad that new communities are discovering Oraichain and we are pleased to recap the main content of the AMA.

Oraichain team attendees:

  • Dr. Chung Dao, CEO of Oraichain
  • Mrs. Noah, AI Lead of Oraichain
  • Mr. Tu, CTO of Oraichain
  • Mr. Duc, CPO of Oraichain

I. Introduction:

[Dr. Chung]: My name is Chung, CEO of Oraichain, the world’s first AI-powered Data Oracle. I got my Ph.D. in Computer Science from The University of Tokyo. I have been researching and…

Dear community,

Further to the recent announcement of our strategic partnership with Rikkeisoft, we are proud to announce that Oraichain has now partnered with KardiaChain.

KardiaChain is a public blockchain platform focused on interoperability and providing hybrid blockchain solutions and infrastructure for enterprises and the government in Vietnam and other Southeast Asia countries.

Following our partnership, KardiaChain will utilize Oraichain’s AI-powered data oracle to enhance applications within their ecosystem ahead of their mainnet launch on December 29th, 2020.

The partnership extends further with Oraichain enhanced bridge that supports applications on KardiaChain to power AI services and off-chain data from within…

🎉yAI.Finance liquidity mining rewards program started soon🎉

1. We will launch yAI.Finance liquidity mining rewards program. Early supporters can deposit stablecoins (USDT) into the deployed yAI.Finance liquidity contract and begin receiving the ORAI governance token. The started date is October 9th (next week’s Friday).

2. Trading strategies on yAI.Finance will be available on October 15th. It means we start farming on that day. A chosen strategy should be based on ROI, risk score, and price prediction.

3. yAI.Finance’s landing page is being designed in order to show more information.

4. ORAI token is recognized by Etherscan with DeFi, Oracle, Staking…


Oracle Artificial Intelligence for Blockchains. More details of Oraichain & yAI-Finance at: https://medium.com/oraichain

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