Oraichain proudly upgrades its VRF service to the most decentralized fashion, providing not only on-chain verification but also on-chain generation of randomness in addition to a flexible thresholding mechanism for aggregating executors’ signatures. With this complete on-chain update, Oraichain VRF leads an important technology for a wide range of Dapps…

aiRight team has developed and integrated the new NFT standard — OW1155 for minting multiple-edition NFTs, which helps artists create unlimited editions for their artworks on-chain

NFT standard for Multiple editions on aiRight — OW1155

ERC1155 — “the next generation multi-token standard” — now is upgraded on Oraichain as OW1155. OW1155 is a novel approach to defining tokens, it’s…


Oracle Artificial Intelligence for Blockchains. Visit our website: https://orai.io/. More details of Oraichain & its products at: https://medium.com/oraichain

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