You now can track TVL rankings and information of your favorite DeFi protocols under DeFi Analysis on yAI.Finance. We also made some changes to the DeFi Analytics layout to prepare for upcoming data and features.

We have made several changes to the DeFi Analytics on yAI.Finance. One of the significant changes is releasing an extensive list of over 500 DeFi projects across all well-known blockchains together with their rankings and metrics. The data has been mainly collected from Defi Llama, an open-source DeFi data aggregator with great transparency in data collecting processes and data sources.

You can easily search for…

Here in Oraichain, we believe that Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology together will mark a new era of decentralized applications: faster, more secure, more cost-efficient, and more functional with unprecedented opportunities for all.

On the lookout for accelerating the integration of AI and Blockchain, Oraichain aspires to put through the world’s first AI Oracle mechanism and a complete AI ecosystem to connect the dots between two disruptive technologies with the nature of decentralization.

The success of Oraichain can never be achieved without the collective effort of our talented and passionate team as well as endless support from our community!

Pursuing the mission of creating a copyright management platform for all types of multimedia NFTs, aiRight has added the Music Identity feature to meet the demands of tokenizing music artworks and protecting their copyright

An artwork that can become NFT is very diverse, ranging from all types of multimedia including photos, videos, gifs to audio, songs. And indeed, Audio NFT is continuing to take the mainstream world by storm. However, the rapid growth of the NFT music market has led to a lot of copyright infringement. Users can download music NFTs and make money illegally based on other platforms.


Getting slashed means the total staked ORAI of a validator will be partially slashed, including his own staked tokens and the amount of delegated tokens from all delegators.

To safeguard the security and stability of the network like other blockchains that use the DPoS consensus, Oraichain Mainnet has the Slashing mechanism to minimize potential misbehaviors of validators and keep the network health up to standard.

What is Slashing?

Using the CosmosSDK, Oraichain Mainnet brings along an inbuilt module called Slashing that will penalize a validator node due to his disqualification.

The slashing mechanism happens when the uptime is unqualified and then the validator…

In supporting Kawaii Islands together with Oraichain, aiRight is sponsoring Kawaii Islands with about 10M AIRI in the alpha game for play-to-earn mechanism. Responding to this generous act, Kawaii Islands will contribute 10% of its game NFT pre-sale revenue to burn an estimated 2M AIRI.

Pre-sale of exclusive Kawaii Islands game NFTs on aiRight

The alpha game of Kawaii Islands is debuting in the next two weeks. One week before that, a pre-sale of game NFTs will be held on aiRight. …

As of September 7th, Oraichain reportedly has around 368,885.51 ORAI bonded across 29 validators, according to official statistics Oraiscan.

The network is getting more and more stable and decentralized every day! We are thankful to have validators remaining faithful to our common future and success while the Oraichain Mainnet is being secured as the important groundwork for several platforms and services.

This week, let’s welcome some new validators who have started their operations on the Oraichain Mainnet with early contributions to the transparency, security, and reliability of our blockchain:

Scavengers Farm (Commission: 1%)

Serving as a search engine for data and information within the Oraichain network, Oraiscan is an important module to transparentize the whole AI and blockchain ecosystems of Oraichain. From monitoring network health, the status of validators and node, to presenting transactions, logs of AI Oracles, and even observing the working of VRF, Price Feeds, and soon Royalty Protocol, you can know a lot of things about Oraichain and its services via Oraiscan.

Do you know that Oraiscan plays many roles rather than an interface for validators and delegators to monitor their nodes and delegate to earn native ORAI?

Oraiscan is…

With many fundamental developments nearing completion, aiRight is preparing for deployment of its “Chapter 1” strategy by joining forces with NGAGENCY and FLUX88 Studios to lead Marketing and PR efforts and support business development through synergistic partnerships.

As NFTs invade the mainstream and begin to redefine entertainment and publishing, the importance of intellectual property protection has never been clearer. The Oraichain and aiRight team is committed to ensuring the adoption of our unique AI-enhanced services and fostering a safe ecosystem for NFT artists, collectors and investors. …

Do you have a lot of accounts that cause trouble with aggregating and managing them? Are you confused when investing with many different accounts due to the lack of an overview of all assets? To solve those problems and provide comprehensive support for investors, yAI.Finance has developed a Wallet Bundle module, visualized pools’ interest rates and real-time gas fee updates.

Wallet Bundle for managing portfolios

Wallet Bundle monitors registered accounts in a watched list from their “address book” within the dashboard without ever having to disconnect from their own. Then it displays several asset portfolio analysis of those accounts including total balance, BSC and ETH…

aiRight team now updates all the information on your NFT on the BSC network on our gallery, including transactions, owner, auctions, and exchange history to improve the efficiency of NFT asset management.

The demand for managing NFT assets is gradually increasing, therefore requiring more transparency, clarity and ease of access. With the goal of improving our complete management system for NFTs, we have updated the gallery history to provide complete information about the gallery’s activities and help investors monitor and manage their NFT assets on the aiRight platform.

About aiRight’s gallery

Our tokenized galleries are the perfect tool for artists and collectors looking…


Oracle Artificial Intelligence for Blockchains. Visit our website: More details of Oraichain & its products at:

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