Imba Games Studio joins the crypto space through Oraichain while Oraichain expands its blockchain ecosystem and AI Oracles to GameFi. This new strategic partnership gives new landmarks in the map of both companies.

Imba Games Studio has been a leading game company in Vietnam since 2015. With a passionate and dedicated team, Imba Games Studio has created high-quality and enjoyable games that serve a wide variety of customers via many game styles: role-playing (idle and action), Simulation, and Racing.

Some existing games that you can readily play on mobiles (Android or iOS) and PCs are:

  1. Kawaii Home Design: 10M+ download…

In the first round of Oraichain’s Bug Bounty Program in July, 29 responses were submitted, and among them 13 bugs are legit that includes one security and 12 UI bugs.

Dear Oraichain community,

We are thankful to gain a lot of interest and feedback from the Oraichain community toward the Bug Bounty Program.

🚀 In the first round in July, 29 responses were submitted, and among them 13 bugs are legit that includes one security and 12 UI bugs.

👉 This result demonstrates the significant contribution of the community in improving and enhancing Oraichain’s overall quality and user-friendliness. We hope…

yAI.Finance starts off this August with various updates, including No-Loss Pot for BUSD on BSC, Dark Mode, and Multi-Language. Look no further to check it out now!

No-Loss Pot for BUSD on BSC

In addition to the ongoing No-Loss Pot pools for ORAI on the Ethereum network and Binance Smart Chain (BSC), yAI.Finance is ready to open a BUSD pool, in which participants can deposit BUSD on BSC and try their luck with the DeFi-themed concept of no-loss prize games powered by Oraichain’s VRF.

Minimum BUSD staked: 10 BUSD

Maximum BUSD staked: 100,000 BUSD

Click here to join the BUSD…

These new features will allow collectors to easily search the aiRight Marketplace for the artwork they love and share it with link preview on Twitter!

Add elective tags when minting NFTs & Search by tag on aiRight’s Marketplace

With the purpose of helping aiRight’s users to find NFTs with the content that best matches the user’s search targets, we’ve developed the tags for NFTs feature, allowing users to add tags when they mint NFTs and search for NFTs by tags on the aiRight’s Marketplace.

  • When minting NFTs on aiRight, users will now have the ability to add up to 5…

Single Sign-On aims to bring extra convenience to users while navigating through the Oraichain’s ecosystem.

The Single Sign-On (SSO) feature, as its name suggests, allows users to use multiple platforms within Oraichain’s ecosystem with a single ID and password. Your sign-in credentials are automatically encrypted and synchronized by the aid of cryptographic verification, then they will be securely detached altogether once you opt out of Single Sign-On via the currently used platform or anywhere else on the same browser.

This SSO feature is now available on aiRight, and soon appears on Oraichain Data Hub as well as other products in…

Oraichain now creates its first sub-network for VRF service and calls for distributed executors. With the recent update of AI Oracle, this marks an important growth of Oraichain as an advanced and trustful Oracle. Many more applications will come from this.

Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on Oraichain Mainnet

Oraichain Mainnet enriches its blockchain ecosystem with a new fundamental Oracle service: Verifiable Random Function (VRF). Based on a secured cryptographic algorithm, Oraichain VRF generates verifiable and unpredictable random values and proofs on-chain. This service will enable a wide range of applications that need to verify their own fair operations like gaming, sampling, simulation, and many more. …

The untouched AIRI includes (1) truncated tokens due to the limitation per wallet, and (2) unclaimed tokens.

We hope that everyone has enjoyed the airdrop and look forward to your continuing support in the next phases of aiRight!

👉 Discover more about aiRight AI Generator models here!

Enhanced network stability, optimized AI Oracle module, and flexible fee setting for AI Request — all upgraded successfully in the v0.40.0.

Oraichain Mainnet v0.40.0

The Oraichain Mainnet has been upgraded successfully to the latest version on 22 July 2021. The transparent upgrade was working very well. 20/24 validators are now joining Oraichain at the current block height. Other validators are synchronizing blocks and will join us soon.

The v0.40.0 upgrade brings stability and flexibility to our network with the important AI Oracle module being more optimized using CosmWasm smart contracts.

Optimizing AI Oracle module using CosmWasm smart contracts

AI Oracle is the core of Oraichain, which allows AI functionality to run…

As we continue our quest to publish new and exciting AI models, aiRight is proud to introduce our first two AI Music Generators. Head over to and try them out today!

AI Music Generator

Our first two AI Models are easy to use and generate “classical” piano compositions. Simply click “Generate” to obtain completely unique AI Compositions from scratch. In the future, we will release models that allow users to customize their instrumentation and specify other parameters in the creation of their AI-generated compositions.

The AI music generation models require a lot of computing resources (GPU) so it often…

A decentralized protocol that distributes its rewards to only lucky participants. yAI.Finance implements the newest VRF service on Oraichain to its first DeFi Game. Join the ORAI pot!

What is a no-loss pot?

This game implements a decentralized protocol for no-loss prize games. Depending on a vault for a specific token, a constant APY is set for players to stake their assets. Then at every period of time, all rewards from the staking vault are distributed to only lucky players using VRF service from Oraichain. This type of vault is often called Pot.

You can comfortably think of a pot as a prize pool where…


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