OraiBridge Subnet goes live on OraiDEX

It’s showtime! The OraiBridge Subnet has just started with our first Genesis nodes to enable secure cross-chain transfers of assets & better experiences for users!

Early supported tokens include:

  • ORAI (Native ORAI, BEP-20 ORAI) and;

Supported directions with timeline:

  • From BNB Chain to Oraichain: available now with an unlimited amount of tokens;

→ As demonstrated right above, OraiBridge at the current stage is supporting only the one-sided bridge from the Oraichain network to BSC first with an unlimited amount of tokens.

Having the highest security level is always of great importance when it comes to cross-chain token bridging. To ensure the security at its best, OraiBridge will be gradually functional in the upcoming updates, enabling the opposite direction and to other chains as well, in which Ethereum will definitely be the next. At the moment, we would like to have Kucoin as an alternative bridge.

In addition, we are excited and thankful to announce that there are 40 candidates submitting the OraiBridge Subnet Validators registration form (up until now), including many highly experienced individuals in the blockchain space.

→ For those who have signed up to become an OraiBridge Subnet validator, we would like to welcome your onboarding in the next two weeks. Please wait for the next update which provides a specific timeline & steps to start being an important contributor to our subnetwork.

How to bridge ORAI (or AIRI) from the Oraichain network to BSC?

  • Visit https://oraidex.io/ and connect both Keplr and Metamask wallet;

OraiBridge Subnet Information

  • Network name: OraiBridge Subnet



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