OraiBridge Subnet goes live on OraiDEX

  • ORAI (Native ORAI, BEP-20 ORAI) and;
  • AIRI (Native AIRI, BEP-20 AIRI)
  • From BNB Chain to Oraichain: available now with an unlimited amount of tokens;
  • From Ethereum to Oraichain: will be available next week;
  • From Oraichain to BNB Chain, Ethereum: will be supported in mid-May.

How to bridge ORAI (or AIRI) from the Oraichain network to BSC?

  • Visit https://oraidex.io/ and connect both Keplr and Metamask wallet;
  • In the Bridge section, select the exact token types in the From and To columns;
  • Enter the Amount and click Transfer. You might need to wait for the transaction to complete.

OraiBridge Subnet Information

  • Network name: OraiBridge Subnet
  • Consensus: Delegated Proof-of-Stake, with validators and delegators
  • Token name: ORAIB
  • Converting rate: 1 ORAIB = 1 ORAI
  • Estimated APR on OraiBridge Subnet: ~29% (same as on Mainnet)
  • DAO power: expectedly same as ORAI (to be announced in details)



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