OraiDEX Liquidity Mining Program: Reward Distribution Adjustment Poll

Oraichain Labs
2 min readJul 26, 2022

Dear community,

1️⃣ With the current update of displaying Liquidity Mining Program’s Dynamic APR on OraiDEX, we now make a brief summary on reward payouts, and therefore, keep liquidity providers informed correctly about the estimated reward types you have received from a joint pool:

👉🏻 ORAI/ATOM, ORAI/AIRI, and ORAI/USDT Pool: 150% APR in $ORAI reward + ORAIX Bonus. Note that the Total ORAIX Bonus per day varies between pools as follows:

ORAI/ATOM: 5,500 ORAIX/day
ORAI/AIRI: 2,000 ORAIX/day
ORAI/USDT: 5,500 ORAIX/day

👉🏻 ORAI/ORAIX: 200% APR (100% in $ORAI reward & 100% in $ORAIX reward)

👉🏻ORAI/KWT: Coming soon

2️⃣ We also would like to standardize the reward payout across all pools and listen to the community regarding a reward distribution adjustment.

In specific, the ($ORAI reward)/($ORAIX reward) is considered to stay at 1. This means liquidity providers will receive an equal amount of reward in $ORAI and $ORAIX — instead of a fixed ORAIX Bonus amount split among them.

We are willing to hear your opinions in advance of an official DAO Proposal using Native $ORAI that will be held later.

Take part in the poll here: https://t.me/oraichain_official/608

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