OraiDEX Testing Program open to SamORAI Testers


  • As a SamORAI Tester, you will start trading and providing liquidity on OraiDEX with your token holdings that are compatible with OraiDEX during the test phase, including: ORAI, ATOM, LUNA, UST, AIRI (at the moment).
  • Have the Keplr Wallet extension installed on supported browser (Google Chrome is recommended). You can download it here: https://www.keplr.app/
  • Have your aiRight account verified with an email address. Note that the account must be associated with a SamORAI NFT Ticket and the email address will get whitelisted for further steps.

Steps to join:

In the first place, please visit https://oraidex.io/ and enter your whitelisted email to get the verification code.

  • Only the bug reports confirmed by Oraichain’s developers can be eligible for bounties.
  • If there is more than one report that cites the same bug, the bounty goes to the earlier submitter.
  • If you discover more than one bug, please submit them separately with different reports.



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