$ORAIX Fairdrop Announcement #1: Snapshot for $ORAI Delegators

First snapshot for ORAI Delegators on Mainnet

The fairdrop is designated to incentivize ORAI delegators who are and will continue securing Oraichain Mainnet 2.0 by delegating Native ORAI to validators. To be specific, $ORAI tokens meeting both of the two conditions below are eligible to get whitelisted & calculated for the fairdrop (at the snapshot moment):

  • Being Native ORAI on the Oraichain Mainnet (not CEXs or DEXes);
  • Being delegated to at least one validator.

ORAIX Fairdrop Distribution

We will capture and create whitelisted wallets which are eligible for claiming ORAIX later. The ORAIX amount each wallet can claim depends on the following criteria, but are not limited to:

  1. Total allocation for ORAI holders (up to 1.5% of ORAIX total supply for all ORAI snapshots)
  2. The ratio between your wallet balance and the total delegated ORAI at the time of snapshot.
  3. Max cap each wallet
  4. Wallet’s history activities
  5. Required tasks on OraiDEX
  • With concern to potential violations and malicious acts that go against mutual benefits of our community, Oraichain reserves all the rights to suspend the eligibility of any misconducted address and furthermore, revoke his/her fairdrop amount.
  • Multi-wallet users and blacklisted wallets from other Cosmos’s airdrop events are immediately prohibited from this event.

About OraiDEX and ORAIX

OraiDEX is a CosmWasm smart contract-based decentralized exchange platform with multichain interoperability, optimal speed, and a lot of liquidity options for users.

  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000 ORAIX
  • Staking rewards: 30% (including fairdrop + initial listing)
  • Liquidity mining incentives: 50%
  • Developer pool: 15%
  • Community pool: 5%



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