$ORAIX Fairdrop Announcement #12: Snapshot retake results ($OSMO & $JUNO holders)

ORAIX Fairdrop Distribution for OSMO holders

  • Total allocation for OSMO holders (up to 2% of ORAIX total supply)
  • OSMO balance
  • Delegated OSMO, un-delegated OSMO, IBC OSMO on the Oraichain network will have different multipliers.
  • Max cap each wallet
  • Wallet’s history activities
  • Required tasks on OraiDEX
  • The fairdrop formula is designed to ensure that all ATOM holders are given a fair opportunity to receive ORAIX.
  • With concern to potential violations and malicious acts that go against mutual benefits of our community, Oraichain reserves all the rights to suspend the eligibility of any misconducted address and furthermore, revoke his/her fairdrop amount.
  • Multi-wallet users and blacklisted wallets from other Cosmos’s airdrop events are immediately prohibited from this event.



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