ORAIX Fairdrop Announcement #4: Snapshot result for ATOM holders on Cosmos Hub

Oraichain Labs
Apr 28, 2022

We are glad to inform the community about the details of snapshot for $ATOM holders on the Cosmos Hub as demonstrated below:

1. This snapshot was taken on April 15, 2022;

2. This snapshot is only for $ATOM tokens on the Cosmos Hub, including Delegated-ATOM and Undelegated-ATOM;

3. Another snapshot for IBC ATOM tokens on the Oraichain network & in OraiDEX’s liquidity pools will also be taken at any time;

4. Copy your Cosmos Hub address and insert it into this URL to check the snapshot result:


For example: https://oraidex.io/airdrop?addr=cosmos1qvcnq02sgmllzkdtdnuspqp0gffpuskevda5hf

(Due to the browser settings, you might need to clear cache to view the page)